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Nancy in Technology

 Information Technology


Nancy in Technology (Knoxville)

Metadata Specialist
Three fun facts about Nancy:
  • I'm a classically trained soprano and sang in the chorus of Verdi's Requiem at Carnegie Hall in 2005.
  • I was a professional actress and dancer and once toured the Southest with a children's theatre troupe.
  • The coolest thing I ever did was go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (in spite of being terrified of heights) so I could watch the sun setting over Paris

The best thing for me about working at SNI
is that it’s creatively challenging, which translates to an exciting work atmosphere. It’s also great to work for a company that goes the extra mile to make employees feel appreciated. We are made to feel our health, welfare and happiness matter.
What’s unique about my job at SNI is that I’ve built my position from the ground up and been able to put my personal stamp on the job.  I get to work on hush-hush projects so there’s that whole Clark Kent / Superman feeling of knowing a really cool secret.
Being based in Knoxville I work in the new LEED-certified building, which is the prettiest place I’ve ever worked. Knoxville is my hometown, and I love living in such a beautiful part of the country where I can afford to enjoy a comfortable standard of living.
To be successful at SNI I feel you need to be creative and open to new things. This is a fun place to work, but despite the employees’ joie de vivre, we’re serious about Scripps and what the company represents. Integrity, loyalty and high standards are paramount.
My favorite SNI shows and talents change every day! I have so many interests, there’s always something on one of our networks that ties in with a project I have going on. The most fun talent I’ve ever met was David Bromstad. He was a hoot!
The most helpful info I’ve learned from one of our shows was from HGTV. I recently found an old chandelier at a thrift store and was able to turn it from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. For $75 I have a light fixture that would easily cost three times as much in a store.
One experience I’ve had with the great benefits offered at SNI was four years ago when I had to take short-term disability during a serious illness. I was too sick to take care of any of the details myself, and SNI's Leaves Coordinator made it easy for me to navigate through a difficult situation. It made my recuperation a lot easier knowing my job was secure and there was someone I could count on to answer questions.