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Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of the wild wild west in Denver on new 'Bizarre Foods America'

Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of the wild wild west in Denver on new 'Bizarre Foods America'
“Ghost Adventures” Crew Investigates Three Locations in One of the Most Haunted Cities in America - New Orleans
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NEW EPISODE:  Monday, February 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
Denver may be a modern city, but Andrew Zimmern finds that you can still get a taste of the Wild West in the food! From ancient hunting methods like falconry, to immigrants cooking traditional foods with American twists, to an Adventurous Eater's Club with people open to tasting just about anything, the pioneer spirit is still strong when it comes to eating in the Mile High City. So whether it's deep fried Rocky Mountain oysters in a biker bar, pheasant cooked over an open flame, or ant larvae beignets in a fine restaurant, Denver is a goldmine of flavors from both yesterday and today!
Series Synopsis: He’s back!  Andrew Zimmern, the two-time James Beard Award-winning TV personality, chef, food writer and culinary explorer, continues his quest across the United States exploring the bizarre foods and cultures in his own backyard.  This time, Zimmern’s adventures include sampling baked muskrat in Baltimore, deep-fried piglet testicles in Iowa and fermented fish eggs in Alaska.  
NEW EPISODE:  Monday, February 18 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT
Anthony Melchiorri travels overseas to beautiful Rincon, Puerto Rico, the center of the island's surf scene, to help save the Casa Verde Guest House and Hotel. Owner William E. Bonbright is overworked and under-qualified to take on all operations at the hotel, and guests primarily complain the hotel's bar is too noisy at night.  Can Melchiorri help William take control of the Casa Verde before he financially wipes out?
Series Synopsis: Hotel “fixer,” Anthony Melchiorri returns to turn struggling hotels into bustling tourist destinations.  Each episode features a hotel either not living up to its potential, or on the verge of closing.  Melchiorri assesses each property and identifies its biggest problems.  He then meets with the staff, from front desk receptionists to housekeeping to the owners themselves, to determine the key operation issues.  Joining Melchiorri on location are a variety of highly experienced designers including Blanche Garcia, Casey Noble and Alison Victoria, who will help transform key spaces in each hotel.  As in last season, Melchiorri has just days to convince the hotel staff and owners to let go of the reins, formulate a plan, revamp the hotel and re-motivate its staff.  For some hotel owners, this is their last hope.
NEW EPISODE:  Wednesday, February 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
Billy Leroy, Mark Meyer and married couple Laurence and Sally Martin head north of the American border to a non-descript warehouse in Canada, where 403 Auctions sells unclaimed items from airports, misguided freight, consignments, end-of-lines, overstock and surplus items.
Series Synopsis:  The shrewd (yet loveable) auction specialists are back for a second season of “Baggage Battles.”  Billy Leroy, Mark Meyer, and married couple Laurence and Sally Martin each provide knowledgeable insight into the profitable business of bidding, buying and reselling unclaimed property.  Traveling to some of the most important auctions around the world – including airport auctions, unclaimed freight and shipping auctions, police and seizure auctions, vehicular auctions and estate auctions – each team member must rely on their savvy expertise to find the hidden treasures as their bids are based on sight-unseen instincts. 
NEW EPISODE:  Wednesday, February 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT
In South Korea, Japan, Taipei, Singapore, Bali and India, street food bring a mix of sweet, savory and spicy flavors, sometimes all in one dish! From crispy pigskin to octopus and grilled buffalo, it's a gastronomic adventure!
Series Synopsis:  Food – it's the number-one reason people like to travel. And the best place to find the most authentic local food scene around the world is right on the streets! There is no better place to rub elbows with the locals and grab a bite that's fast, inexpensive and speaks to the culture. In some countries, street food represents a melting pot of traditions. In others, the street food hasn't changed in generations and harkens back to deep cultural roots. Enjoy cow tongue on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, stinky tofu in Taipei, water buffalo in New Delhi or the meat of armadillos in Colombia, it's always delicious and fascinating for visitors to learn about the people and their stories. “Street Eats” travels to Latin America, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and Europe to bring the street food experience to American viewers, who may never get the chance to taste it for themselves. We then take a look at the curbside cuisine in our own backyard, in six different U.S. cities and see the new face of street food at home.
NEW EPISODE: Thursday, February 21 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
Don Wildman travels to the Conrad Hilton Community Center Museum in Cisco, Texas to examine a pair of handcuffs that once bound the wrists of an infamous bank robber with a clever disguise.  Then he heads to the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, New York to look into a glamorous dress once worn by a socialite at the center of a scandalous murder case.  Wildman then goes to the Arizona Military Museum in Phoenix Cultural History.  On display there is a simple leather bag that once belonged to a legendary prisoner of war, which reminds visitors of a daring escape from one of the country’s toughest prisons.
Series Synopsis:  “Mysteries at the Museum” spans the country, exploring local archives, storefront collections and the hallowed halls of stately institutions, to uncover the objects and artifacts that reveal the nation’s hidden secrets.  Museum explorer and history enthusiast Don Wildman scours a range of museums in search of extraordinary relics at the heart of tales that shock and amaze.  From Springfield, Illinois’ Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, where a rusted metal chisel was once wielded in a daring plot to steal the remains of the beloved 16th President, to the Connecticut Air and Space Museum, where a replica of a primitive plane may rewrite the history of aviation, these are a few of the sites that celebrate our nation’s distinguished past.  Through gripping interviews, rich archival footage and arresting reenactments, “Mysteries at the Museum” brings to life the amazing artifacts from the center of the nation’s most notorious crimes and scandals, unexplained encounters, bizarre inventions, and the most enthralling events of all time.
NEW EPISODE:  Friday, February 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin explore three locations that help give New Orleans its reputation for being the most haunted city in the U.S. They investigate the home of New Orleans' most renowned Voodoo Queen, Bloody Mary; the Haunted Mortuary, located in the middle of the historic cemetery district; and a former bordello that now operates as May Baily's Pub. With these very haunted locations, it's no surprise this is one of “Ghost Adventures” most intense lockdowns yet. But it's when the guys visit the Lower 9th Ward and see the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina that they have their most profound moment.
Series Synopsis: The "Ghost Adventures" crew — Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin — is back to investigate the scariest, most notorious, haunted places in the world. The trio interviews eyewitnesses and historians at each location, arming themselves with the stories of the ghosts they later confront during their dusk-to-dawn lockdowns. Then they review and analyze their findings with some of the most-respected experts and specialists in the paranormal field. New locations include the Point Sur Lighthouse in Point Sur, California; the Black Moon Manor in Greenfield, Indiana; the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota; and the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio, among others.
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