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Food Network and Cooking Channel's 2015 Upfront Menu

Also on the table, tasty offerings from & to satisfy any entertaining and meal-planning needs.
NEW YORK – Food Network and Cooking Channel deliver a bountiful menu of sweet and savory programming sure to satisfy every appetite and craving. The 2015 line-up showcases over 40 new series and more than 30 returning favorites, plus an extra serving of 15 specials all presented during Scripps Networks Interactive’s seven-city upfront tour. Additionally, and continue to serve as the online destinations for audiences and users for all their culinary and entertaining needs, highlighting evergreen and convergent digital packages and programs built specifically for the digital space.
“Entertaining and engaging are at the forefront of our 2015 development plans for both Food Network and Cooking Channel,” said Brooke Johnson, President Food Network & Cooking Channel. “Food Network will continue to build off the success of fan-favorites with more eventized and exciting stunts, including some sweet additions to the menu with new baking and holiday-themed programming. Cooking Channel is packing its lineup with even more passionate foodies that share recipes as well as glimpses into their lives, while both networks will continue to push the boundaries of food exploration with exciting food travelogues sure to engage and inspire viewers, offering up more of the programming they love.”
Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious
Series Premiere: April 2015
It is an evilicious fight-to-the-finish when sixteen of the most cunning, conniving and memorable chefs from previous seasons return to do battle in a five-round tournament. Host Alton Brown will be unveiling new challenges to test even the craftiest of competitors, and determine who will go head-to-head for a spot in the not-to-be-missed finale and the chance to win up to $75,000 in this Evilicious tournament. Produced by Embassy Row for Food Network
Spring Baking Championship
Series Premiere: April 2015
It is time for the country's top bakers to take on springtime treats as eight bakers enter the kitchen to show off their superb baking skills and know-how. In order to survive the challenges week-to-week and win the $50,000 grand prize, they must prove their abilities in front of tough-love judges: Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman and Lorraine Pascale. From Mother’s Day brunches and family picnics to birthday parties and weddings, there is a lot of spring baking to do. Hosted by Bobby Deen, this baking championship is the sweetest way to kick off spring! Produced by Triage Entertainment for Food Network
American Diner Revival
Series Premiere: May 2015
Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag are on a mission to revive classic American diners across the country. Heading to Main Streets across the U.S. they are empowering locals to save their own struggling diner. With only days to transform a cherished diner in desperate need of a physical and menu makeover, they’ll hit the ground to rally the locals and help ambush the unsuspecting owner with a surprise of a lifetime. It's a good old-fashioned barn raising – let the American Diner Revival begin! Produced by Bray Entertainment for Food Network
Guilty Pleasures
Series Premiere: May 2015
In Guilty Pleasures, your favorite Food Network stars reveal their best kept, most intimate, guilty pleasure food secrets for the first time ever! We visit the locations and meet the chefs who make these crazy, ooey-gooey, "I-can't-believe-I'm-eating-this” food masterpieces! From a 24-layer chocolate cake, to a mega-bacon cheeseburger, to a filet mignon covered in fried oysters, Guilty Pleasures shows off dishes whose very names make your stomach rumble. Produced by Authentic Entertainment for Food Network
Craziest Restaurants in America
Series Premiere: June 2015
Craziest Restaurants in America travels coast to coast to count down the most unique, most outrageous, most outstanding, and even the most bizarre food establishments that dish out delicious meals and memorable dining experiences. From an underwater cafe to a zombie-themed bistro, these are the restaurants that leave customers saying, “Wow!” Produced by Milkman for Food Network
Top Five Restaurants
Series Premiere: June 2015
For the first time ever, Food Network is naming America’s top five burger spots, the ultimate five steakhouses, the best five BBQ joints and more! From pizza and ice cream to tacos and fried chicken, each episode is taking on one of America’s favorite foods and telling you exactly where to get the best. We’ll meet the makers and culinary masterminds behind these ultimate food creations as the battle for top spot is finally crowned. Produced by Authentic Entertainment for Food Network
Burgers, Brew and ‘Que
Series Premiere: July 2015
Meat lovers rejoice! Michael Symon is taking a summer road trip to taste the best of the American classics: burgers and BBQ. Whether it is mouth-watering, mile-high cheeseburgers or slow smoked, fall-off-the-bone ribs, Michael is going to eat and meet his way through some of the best All-American spots to get your grub on. And, what better way to wash it all down than with local beers and brews, sure to make any meal a perfect 10. So, get ready to get full because you do not want to miss the delicious flavors of Burgers, Brew and ‘Que. Produced by Relativity Lifestyle for Food Network
Beach Eats (wt)
Series Premiere: July 2015
In each half-hour episode, Curtis Stone travels to paradise locations all over the map to track down culinary treasures and hidden gems known for legendary dishes in the region. Whether it’s a sandy conch fritter stand with glorious sunsets on a tropical island, or a thatched-roof taco hut with wide ocean views nestled on the beach, an intimate café with a waterfront terrace, or a steakhouse along a remote jungle road, Curtis does his best to unearth some of the best known – and unknown – delicious eats in paradise. Produced by Karga 7 Productions for Food Network
Cake Wars
Series Premiere: July 2015
In this new series all about cakes, four bakers compete against each other in two grueling rounds to determine who will get to take their magical cake creation to a big event and take a giant leap in their career as a baker. Each episode puts one cake artist on the map and stuffs their pockets with a cash prize. This is war so it will not be a pretty battle, but in the end, the cakes will be eye-popping and amazing. Not to mention yummy! Produced by Super Delicious for Food Network
Southern Fried Road Trip
Series Premiere: July 2015
Southern pride and southern food go together like biscuits and gravy. And, no one knows the south and good ol’ southern cooking quite like Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen. Now, they are going on a Southern Fried Road Trip to find the best of what America has to offer. From shrimp and grits on the Gulf coast to collard greens in Carolina and to beignets on Bourbon Street, the Deen brothers will get a taste of the south while celebrating all the people and places that put the pride of Dixie into all that they do. Produced by Follow Productions for Food Network
Camp Cutthroat
Series Premiere: August 2015
In this special summertime series, Alton Brown invites the most elite Cutthroat Kitchen alumni to a secret location deep in the wilderness for an extreme culinary throw down: this is Camp Cutthroat. Unencumbered by the restraints of a soundstage, Alton's diabolical sabotages, aided by his camp counselors, hit new levels of mischief and mayhem as he is now free to deploy any fiendish obstacle his heart desires. Produced by Embassy Row for Food Network
Crazy Kitchen (wt)
Series Premiere: August 2015
The table is set for the ultimate contest of food smarts and culinary know-how! In this kitchen, amateur competitors take on a revolving set of fast, fun games which test their knowledge, quickness, and common sense. With each victory, contestants win bigger cash prizes, and a moving conveyor belt brings a new, tougher challenge down. Could you identify a popular snack food using only your ears? Or perhaps just your nose? Together with a teammate, could you taste and identify matching ice cream flavors all while you are both blindfolded? Put yourself to the test in Crazy Kitchen (wt)! Produced by Electus for Food Network
Guy’s Grocery Games All-Stars
Series Premiere: August 2015
In this five-episode stunt, some of Food Network’s and Cooking Channel’s biggest stars take over the grocery store aisles for an all-star supermarket showdown! Host Guy Fieri throws in some curveballs when all-star chefs are paired up with sports stars in one episode, while in another Guy’s Grocery Games judges must go head-to-head. It will be a Flavortown fight-to-the-finish as these culinary superstars compete to win up to $20,000 for their charity of choice. Produced by Relativity Lifestyle for Food Network
Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off
Series Premiere: August 2015
Host Rachael Ray is joined by a rotating panel of all-star guests in this special six episode series where the challenges are big and the competitors are – kids! Rachael and guests will mentor and guide these young competitors through a series of cooking challenges and obstacles as these junior chefs vie for their very own series on and the title of Kids Cook-Off champion. Produced by Jane Street for Food Network
Chopped: After Hours
Series Premiere: September 2015
The tables are turned on the set of Chopped, when the judges move from the table to the kitchen, and take their turns at tackling the tricky ingredients of a Chopped basket. In each competition, the judges will put their culinary skills and creativity to the test to create delectable dishes in 30 minutes or less. Produced by Notional for Food Network
Deep Fried America (wt)
Series Premiere: September 2015
There is no shortage of delicious food in the states, and the host of Deep Fried America (wt) scours the country to find the most inventive and mouthwatering deep fried masterpieces. Whether it be battered and deep-fried, barbecued, or ooey, gooey and greasy, saddle up for this journey to track down the most delicious deep fried food around. Produced by Magnetic for Food Network
Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition (wt)
Series Premiere: September 2015
In new series, Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition (wt), Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray are put to the ultimate test, taking kitchen-challenged celebs from zeroes to heroes! Anne and Rachael each lead a team of celebrity-recruits through rigorous culinary skills-training and challenges, with the goal of turning them into skilled cooks. A $50,000 grand prize for charity is awarded to the celebrity contestant who makes the most impressive culinary transformation, in addition to delivering victory and bragging rights for their team leader. Produced by Optomen Productions LLC, an All3 Media Company, for Food Network
Chopped: Impossible
Series Premiere: October 2015
Restaurant: Impossible’s Robert Irvine joins as a guest at the judges’ table, in this four episode stunt where the challenges and baskets are close to impossible! The chef competitors are in for the competition of a lifetime as the clock starts ticking in the Chopped kitchen. The impossible competition comes to a dramatic close as the winners of the first three episodes find themselves competing against Robert himself in their bid to be named Chopped Champion. Produced by Notional for Food Network
Halloween Baking Championship
Series Premiere: October 2015
Six of the country’s top bakers battle it out in a four-episode culinary battle to create Halloween’s spookiest and most irresistible treats. From mummy meringues, creepy cakes and bat wing whoopie pies to towering confections of terror, one of these bakers has what it takes to land the $25,000 prize and title of Halloween Baking Champion! Produced by Triage Entertainment for Food Network
Iron Chef America: Teens (wt)
Series Premiere: October 2015
The Chairman has had an epiphany— he wants to find the next generation of culinary talent that could one day join the most elite cooking fraternity in the entire world: The Iron Chefs. To that end, he has invited a number of America’s best young cooks to engage in a culinary contest where they must demonstrate that they have all of the attributes required to one day claim the title Iron Chef. Produced by Triage Entertainment for Food Network
Guy’s Grocery Games Tournament of Champions
Series Premiere: November 2015
For the first time ever, Guy's Grocery Games is going to crown a grand champion! In this five-episode tournament, Triple G is bringing back some of its most skilled, most memorable, and fiercest winners to return to the grocery store aisles for a champion-on-champion supermarket showdown! Host Guy Fieri deals out the challenges as only he can to keep these fierce competitors on their toes, as they shop, prepare, and plate three different dishes using whatever they pull off the shelves. The rules are simple: Win your episode and earn a spot in the finale where the finalists will compete to become the grand champion. It will be a Flavortown fight-to-the-finish as the final four compete to win up to $40,000. Produced by Relativity Lifestyle for Food Network
Holiday Wars (wt)
Series Premiere: November 2015
Food Network puts viewers in a real-life holiday wonderland with new series, Holiday Wars (wt). In this six-episode competition, teams comprised of sugar artists, bakers and food artists must work in unison to create delicious edible holiday displays. One team is eliminated each week, judged not only on the look of their creations, but also on the taste of the cookies and treats they create, with the winner taking home a large cash prize. It is a holiday dream come true! Produced by Super Delicious for Food Network
Untitled Internet Reviewers Series (wt)
Series Premiere: TBD 2015
An online review can make or break a business with a click of the mouse, but what if those reviewers are the same people who can help save a business? This new series brings together a committee of the toughest online contributors to a struggling restaurant to help identify the issues, make plans, and help execute solutions to guide these flailing restaurants to success. Produced by ITV Studios America for Food Network
Bobby Flay Fit
Series Premiere: January 2016
Based on his own experience and proven philosophies in healthy eating and living, Bobby Flay Fit features chef Bobby Flay sharing tips and tricks on achieving a happy, fit lifestyle with a focus on smart choices in menu planning, moderation and exercise. Featuring delicious healthy recipes, cooking techniques that do not skimp on flavor, workouts, and more, Bobby offers a blueprint for staying motivated and fit. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network
Season Twenty-Four Premiere: April 2015
Hosted by Ted Allen, this culinary competition show is all about skill, speed and ingenuity. Four challengers compete before a panel of three expert judges and take everyday items and turn them into an extraordinary three-course-meal. After each course, a contestant gets “chopped” until the last competitor left standing claims victory. Each week, a rotating panel of culinary elite judges will decide whose dishes shine the brightest and whose dish is on the chopping block! Produced by Notional for Food Network
Chopped All-Stars
Season Four Premiere: April 2015
Chopped All-Stars returns, as sixteen culinary competitors battle it out for the title of All-Star Champion and a Chopped-record-breaking $75,000 prize for the winner’s charity. The five-part competition series, hosted by Ted Allen, includes four chefs going head-to-head each week in themed episodes with some of the toughest baskets yet, and a can’t-miss culinary showdown as four chefs with a shared love of cooking compete against each other in the Chopped kitchen. Judged by a rotating roster of Chopped regulars who decide who gets “chopped” each week, including Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Aarón Sánchez, Chris Santos and Geoffrey Zakarian, the competitors are challenged to create delectable courses in a limited amount of time from the ingredients in the renowned Chopped mystery basket. Produced by Notional for Food Network
Cutthroat Kitchen
Season Eight Premiere: April 2015
Cooking skills are not enough to win in Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, chefs must also be crafty, clever and willing to sabotage their opponents. Led by Alton Brown as the kitchen’s cunning provocateur, this game features a briefcase filled with $100,000 in cash, four competitors, three rounds of cooking and auctions where chefs bid on items to help themselves or hinder their opponents. Produced by Embassy Row for Food Network
Guy’s Grocery Games
Season Five Premiere: April 2015
Four talented chefs compete in supermarket-themed cooking challenges as they must navigate their way through the aisles, adhering to “real-world” obstacles doled out by host Guy Fieri. Whether it is shopping on a budget, substituting out-of-stock ingredients or grabbing groceries at closing time, the contenders have to shop, prepare, and plate three different dishes using whatever they can pull off the shelves. Ultimately, the food does the talking, as one-by-one the losing chefs “check out,” with the last chef standing going on a shopping spree of a lifetime worth up to $20,000! Produced by Relativity Lifestyle for Food Network
Beat Bobby Flay
Season Five Premiere: June 2015
Skilled chefs compete for the opportunity to cook against culinary master Bobby Flay. The action starts with two talented cooks going head-to-head in a culinary battle using an ingredient of Bobby’s choice, in front of a studio audience and a rotating cast of guest stars whose goal is to pick the challenger with the skills to potentially Beat Bobby Flay. The winner proceeds to round two for the ultimate food face-off against Bobby, but with an advantage: the contender makes their signature dish, and Bobby has only minutes to come up with his own interpretation of the dish. After a blind taste test, a panel of judges ultimately decides if the challenger has the chops to Beat Bobby Flay or if Bobby’s food reigns supreme. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Season Twenty-Three Premiere: June 2015
Host Guy Fieri takes a cross-country road trip to visit some of America's classic "greasy spoon" restaurants that have been doing it right for decades. These days they are booming again – being run by a whole new generation of owners, and catering delicious homemade food to fans young and old alike. It might be a shack on the side of the highway in Tarpley, Texas or a sports bar in Vegas famous for stromboli, but across the board, these are the kind of places that make America great. Produced by Citizen Pictures for Food Network
Food Network Star
Season Eleven Premiere: June 2015
Food Network Star returns for season eleven with twelve talented hopefuls competing for the ultimate prize: their own Food Network show. Culinary superstars Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are back to host the new season with guest mentors joining the action throughout the season. Tune in to find out who possesses the personality and kitchen chops to be the next Food Network Star. Produced by Triage Entertainment for Food Network
Mystery Diners
Season Ten Premiere: June 2015
When a restaurant owner suspects employees of not doing their jobs – whether it be stealing, lying, mistreating customers or generally doing lousy work – they call in the Mystery Diners. Led by host Charles Stiles, these Mystery Diners are undercover operatives who go into restaurants, bars and food service establishments with hidden cameras and perform surveillance to find out what is really going on when the boss is not around. The Mystery Diners will pull out all the stops to find out the truth in locations that will really test their skills! Produced by T Group for Food Network
Chopped Grill Masters
Season Two Premiere: July 2015
Chopped Grill Masters returns featuring sixteen off-the-hook pitmasters and grilling pros in a five-week tournament event. These competitors, who share a passion for high heat, big meat, and cooking over an open flame, take the competition, hosted by Ted Allen, outside to compete for a spot in the Grill Masters grand finale for a chance at the grand prize of $50,000! Produced by Notional for Food Network
Chopped Teen Tournament
Season Two Premiere: August 2015
In this returning five episode stunt hosted by Ted Allen, sixteen talented teenaged chefs bring their energy and ambition to the Chopped kitchen! The culinary whiz kids must create the perfect appetizer, entrée and dessert as they navigate through each round. The winner from each episode will head into the grand finale round with a huge prize on the line - $25,000 and a culinary school scholarship. The teen chefs are given ingredients that would stump even top professionals, and in the end, only one can be named the Chopped Teen Champion. Produced by Notional for Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race
Season Six Premiere: August 2015
The Great Food Truck Race’s sixth outing will have more drama, more twists and more strategy than ever before. This season invites eight new teams to hit the road and cook their way across America. Each week, the teams that sell the most food will race on to the next round. The losing team drives home and in the end, one food truck will remain...and the team behind the wheel will earn the $50,000 grand prize. Produced by RelativityREAL for Food Network
Halloween Wars
Season Five Premiere: October 2015
Food Network puts viewers in the Halloween spirit serving up the fifth season of deliciously scary series, Halloween Wars. The four-episode competition, hosted by Rossi Morreale, places five teams – comprised of cake decorators, candy makers and pumpkin carvers– working in unison to create the ultimate Halloween-themed display. One team is eliminated each week, with the winner taking home $50,000. Produced by Super Delicious for Food Network
Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage
Season Two Premiere: November 2015
Sixteen of the food world's bravest celebrities will mercilessly sabotage each other as they battle it out in this returning, epic, five-episode tournament of culinary cage-fighting under the watchful eye of host, Alton Brown. Ultimately, the most cunning and skillful star chef will emerge battered, but victorious, with the ultimate in bragging rights and up to $75,000 for their favorite charity. Produced by Embassy Row for Food Network
Holiday Baking Championship
Season Two Premiere: November 2015
The search to find the greatest holiday baker continues as ten bakers enter the Holiday Kitchen where they show off their superb baking skills and know-how. In order to survive the challenges week-to-week and win the $50,000 grand prize, they must prove their abilities in front of tough-love judges: Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman and Lorraine Pascale. Hosted by Bobby Deen, this baking championship is the sweetest way to celebrate this holiday season. Produced by Triage Entertainment for Food Network
Kids Baking Championship
Season Two Premiere: January 2016
Hosts and judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli are back again to lead ten talented kid bakers through tasty challenges designed to find the most impressive and creative baker. At stake, a sweet prize package that includes a $10,000 grand prize. Only one will take the cake to become the Kids Baking Champion! Produced by Triage Entertainment for Food Network
Worst Cooks in America
Season Eight Premiere: January 2016
Worst Cooks in America is back for a new season aimed at transforming kitchen disasters into confident cooks. Two teams of kitchen-challenged recruits will compete in a grueling culinary boot camp designed to turn them into skilled cooks. A $25,000 grand prize is awarded to the contestant who makes the most impressive culinary transformation, in addition to delivering victory and bragging rights for their team leader. Produced by Optomen Productions LLC, an All3 Media Company, for Food Network
Giada in Italy
Series Premiere: July 2015
There are certain places on earth that tug at the heart and draw you back time and again, for Giada De Laurentiis that place is Italy. Rich in culture and character, Italy is the place that shaped Giada’s sensibility and sparked her culinary passion. Now, she embraces the future by reconnecting with the past, returning to where it all began. This series follows Giada back to her birthplace for an extended holiday, as she revisits family, friends, and the flavors that inspired her life’s work. Produced by Linguine Pictures for Food Network
Valerie’s California Kitchen (wt)
Series Premiere: August 2015
Television superstar and best-selling cookbook author, Valerie Bertinelli, welcomes you into her Los Angeles kitchen as she prepares meals for friends, family and celebrity neighbors. Valerie and her husband fell in love while making dinner together and now they enjoy nothing more than opening up their home and their hearts to the people they love. At their dinner parties you will find a mix of actors, musicians and celebrity chefs, as well as sumptuous family recipes and delicious Valerie originals. Produced by Bunim/Murray Productions for Food Network
Rachael Ray at Home Series (wt)
Series Premiere: September 2015
A new lifestyle cooking series with host, Rachael Ray, at home in upstate New York. Produced by Pre-Sliced for Food Network
Giada’s Holiday Handbook
Series Premiere: October 2015
Giada’s Holiday Handbook is the ultimate resource for creative, doable and fun entertaining ideas. In each episode, host Giada De Laurentiis tackles an entertaining or holiday-focused theme, and offers a clever and accessible plan for pulling off the perfect party. Whether it is a big holiday bash or an intimate meal with the family, Giada can help you make it a success! Produced by Linguine Pictures for Food Network
Giada Entertains
Series Premiere: January 2016
Giada De Laurentiis has the entertaining help you need for special occasions of every shape and size. Throughout the series, Giada shares her favorite recipes, tips and advice on how to entertain like a pro, so you can impress your guests and enjoy the party as well. Produced by Linguine Pictures for Food Network
Trisha’s Southern Kitchen
Season Six Premiere: April 2015
Music superstar and best-selling cookbook author Trisha Yearwood brings her family-inspired recipes and food traditions to Emmy® award-winning Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. Each themed show invites viewers into Trisha’s kitchen for her favorite meals, nostalgic stories and visits from family and friends, giving viewers a one-of-a-kind look into Trisha’s life. She offers up unique how-to tips and techniques for down-home dishes and shares the stories that make each meal meaningful. Produced by Magical Elves for Food Network
The Kitchen
Season Six Premiere: May 2015
Food Network serves up five times the food and fun in The Kitchen, co-hosted by culinary favorites Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian. From food trend discussions and family meal tips to trivia games and Twitter questions from viewers, the entertaining, one-hour series covers all things culinary. Produced by BSTV Entertainment for Food Network
Daphne Dishes
Season Two Premiere: June 2015
Mom, wife, and home cook, Daphne Brogdon, brings a fresh, fun and humorous approach to feeding the family. Whether it is for a PTA meeting or a gals’ night in, Daphne cooks up a storm with simple recipes that will feed a crowd and bring the family together. Produced by Concentric for Food Network
The Pioneer Woman
Season Eleven Premiere: July 2015
Award-winning blogger and best-selling cookbook author Ree Drummond brings her signature wit and down-home recipes to Food Network for an eleventh season. Shot on location at her Oklahoma ranch, The Pioneer Woman serves up a slice of frontier life along with the “accidental country girl’s” step-by-step recipes for creating wholesome, hearty family meals and elegant menus for entertaining. Produced by Pacific for Food Network
Farmhouse Rules
Season Five Premiere: August 2015
Farmhouse Rules looks into Nancy Fuller’s kitchen and the Hudson Valley farming community that supplies it. Nancy is a loving mother of five, grandmother to thirteen and a no-nonsense owner of a successful business she runs with her husband. Follow Nancy as she gathers the best the land has to offer and feeds her friends and family classic, farm-fresh meals. Produced by Follow Productions for Food Network
Brunch @ Bobby’s
Season Six Premiere: September 2015
Brunch @ Bobby's invites viewers to sip a Bloody Mary with host Bobby Flay and join him in one of his greatest passions: cooking brunch. From sweet to savory and for any occasion, Bobby is in his element: cool, calm, relaxed -- a spatula in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Brunch has never been more inviting! Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network
Outrageous Wedding Cakes
Premiere: June 2015
You have dreamt of your wedding since you were a child, but you have never seen Outrageous Wedding Cakes quite like this! This special returns to go coast-to-coast once again to bring you the most incredible creations by some of the top cake artists in the country. These virtuosos will make anyone's wedding cake come true, no matter what it takes. Produced by Sharp Entertainment for Food Network
Barefoot in California
Premiere: July 2015
In this special, America’s hostess Ina Garten brings her elegant tips, techniques and easy recipes from the Hamptons to the West Coast, as she explores California and serves up delicious food inspired by regional flavors. Join Ina as she shares her California adventures and recipes, as only Ina can. Produced by Pacific for Food Network
Duff’s Cake Masters (wt)
Premiere: August 2015
Duff Goldman is upping the ante and once again revolutionizing the way the world sees cake, and Duff’s Cake Masters (wt) is his showcase. It is a spotlight on one of the biggest, most jaw-dropping cakes Duff has ever attempted, from start to finish. Duff’s got his friend Geof at his side and the best cake decorators in Los Angeles on his speed dial, but that’s not enough for this fondant-covered monstrosity, he’s also bringing in Hollywood FX pros, pyrotechnic masters, and engineering geniuses to help get the giant cake planned, decorated, delivered, and unveiled before time runs out! Produced by Authentic Entertainment
Outrageous Halloween
Premiere: October 2015
The spookiest of holidays gets scarily outrageous in Outrageous Halloween, a trick-or-treat showcase of epic proportions uncovering the most extreme Halloween treats, sweets and eats. Produced by Sharp Entertainment for Food Network
A Barefoot Thanksgiving
Premiere: November 2015
Ina Garten is joined by Bobby Flay in this entertaining special just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Ina and Bobby prepare a delicious Thanksgiving feast and share the much-needed cooking advice, delicious recipes and entertaining tips you need to prepare your own perfect Thanksgiving menu. Produced by Pacific for Food Network
The Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving Special
Premiere: November 2015
Join host Ree Drummond as she whips up a Thanksgiving feast fit for friends, family, cowboys and ranchers alike! Ree pulls out all the stops for this most festive of occasions with a bountiful menu of delectable dishes and scrumptious desserts that are sure to leave guests feeling thankful (and wanting more)! Produced by Pacific for Food Network
A Barefoot Holiday
Premiere: December 2015
Ina Garten visits her friends in New England for a Christmas celebration to remember! She travels to the Berkshires to plan and enjoy a fabulous Christmas of food and fun with her friends and family, then returns home to the Hamptons to create delicious and bright menus perfect for the holidays. Produced by Pacific for Food Network
Christmas at Bobby’s (wt)
Premiere: December 2015
Bobby Flay is hosting a Christmas dinner to remember with the help of some special friends. From appetizers to drinks, the main course to dessert, and everything in between, delicious holiday dishes are prepared for the festive feast. Helpful how-to's and personal stories are shared, as all the holiday courses are prepared leading up to the most delicious Christmas feast with friends. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network
Tia Mowry at Home
Series Premiere: April 2015
Actress and model Tia Mowry gives a behind-the-scenes look at her busy celebrity lifestyle, and brings viewers into her kitchen, where she showcases her delicious and healthy cooking style. Tia invites her friends and family over to enjoy her flavorful menus…and when Tia is in the kitchen, fun is always on the menu. Produced by Relativity Lifestyle for Cooking Channel
Lorraine Pascale: How to Be a Better Cook
Series Premiere: May 2015
Host Lorraine Pascale gets out of the kitchen and onto the road as she helps to inspire reluctant cooks to create memorable meals for those they care about. Each episode opens with a video appeal from a keen but clueless cook asking for Lorraine’s help. Lorraine then teaches them simple cooking techniques in their own home; offering advice and handy tips and tricks which build their cooking confidence. Packed with delicious, healthy and easy recipes we can all try at home, Lorraine is on a mission to give wannabe cooks the confidence they need to surprise and delight their loved ones. Distributed by Fremantle Media
Junk Food Flip
Series Premiere: June 2015
Junk Food Flip hosts Nikki Dinki and Bobby Deen seek out the country's favorite guilty pleasure foods and do their best to recreate the delicious items in a healthier way. In each episode, the team’s revamped creation then goes head-to-head against the original to see which version customers enjoy the most. Produced by Lion TV for Cooking Channel
Steak Out with Kix Brooks
Series Premiere: July 2015
Famed country musician Kix Brooks is passionate about a lot of things from music to wine to raising cattle. For his next big adventure, he is setting out across the states to find some of America's best steakhouses. Produced by Giant Pirates Entertainment for Cooking Channel
Holy and Hungry
Series Premiere: August 2015
Along every road, in little towns and big cities, you find amazing places and food cooked with love by people of faith. Our host, Sherri Shepherd, will visit all these hidden places, looking for a taste, a recipe, and maybe even a prayer with people all over the country who are Holy and Hungry. Produced by Loud Television LLC for Cooking Channel
The Grill Iron
Series Premiere: September 2015
Welcome to The Grill Iron, an in-depth exploration of tailgating traditions at some of the biggest college football schools in the country, as well as exciting challenges where local chefs are tasked with putting their spin on classic game day dishes. Distributed by Tastemade
Hungry Hungry History (wt)
Series Premiere: September 2015
Hungry Hungry History (wt) will answer some of history's biggest questions through the lens of food. Our host takes viewers on a fascinating journey to explore the historical relevance of foods, looking at their impact on the world as well as their impact on the way we live and eat today. Produced by Revelations Entertainment for Cooking Channel
Sugar Showdown (wt)
Series Premiere: October 2015
Sugar Showdown (wt) is the next great sweets competition show, pitting experts from different, decadent and delicious dessert specialties like cookies, cakes, pies and donuts against one another in the Showdown arena to battle it out for a chance at sweet victory! Three come to compete, only one can win. Produced by Architect Films for Cooking Channel
Untitled Kelsey Nixon Series (wt)
Series Premiere: TBD 2015
Host Kelsey Nixon has shared everything there is to know about setting up the perfect first kitchen; from selecting the perfect kitchenware for every occasion, to mastering the perfect roast chicken, to throwing a perfect dinner party. Now, as an accomplished chef, blogger and mother, Kelsey has realized she must choose what is really important, (perfect or not!) and she shares her hard-won tricks and kitchen shortcuts for the busy modern-day home cook. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Cooking Channel
Sarah Graham’s Food Safari
Series Premiere: January 2016
Sarah Graham’s Food Safari explores some of Africa’s most interesting and exciting food through the eyes of food writer and cook, Sarah Graham. It captures the simplicity of making friends through food on a continent that is known for stealing hearts. It is an expression of passion, inspiration and celebration as she shares the story behind each meal and the people who make it worth sharing. Produced by Okuhle Media and distributed by DCD Rights
Secret Eaters (wt)
Series Premiere: January 2016
Losing weight can be a challenge – for some the reasons are obvious, for others they are a mystery! In new series Secret Eaters (wt), hidden cameras will help people who just do not understand why they cannot keep off the pounds by capturing their eating habits to reveal what they are truly consuming, and how they can change course to attain a more healthy and comfortable weight. Produced by True Entertainment for Cooking Channel
Chuck: Into the Fire (wt)
Series Premiere: Q1 2016
We've seen Chef Chuck Hughes cook for friends on his day off, we've seen him eat the street, now Chuck takes on an entirely different mission - cooking for people across the country. But he doesn't know where, or who, or what until he arrives. Can he serve breakfast to a train full of hungry riders as he speeds down the tracks at 80mph? Or feed hundreds of firemen using a kitchen from the 1800s? How will he incorporate a single ingredient into every dish he prepares for the annual Maple Festival? With limited time and resources, Chuck will be put to the test like never before! Produced by AMS Productions for Cooking Channel
Star Plates (wt)
Series Premiere: TBD 2016
Star Plates (wt) features some of the country’s most beloved celebrities and personalities realizing their culinary dreams. With the help of a culinary expert and our series host, each featured guest will get a crash course in all things culinary, ultimately making and serving their favorite dish to a restaurant full of adoring family, friends and patrons who are all there to enjoy their Star Plates. Produced by Authentic Entertainment and Flower Films for Cooking Channel
The Real Girl’s Kitchen
Season Two Premiere: April 2015
The Real Girl's Kitchen is an intimate look inside Haylie Duff's life, her family and friends, and, of course, her love of great food. Join Haylie's world as she shares recipes, stories, and adventures while exploring her hometown of Los Angeles and New York City, where she is constantly inspired. Produced by Citizen Pictures and Ora TV
Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers
Season Two Premiere: April 2015
Exemplary father of six, Rev Run finds his true joy in family, good friends, and great food. But with four of their six children off on their own, Rev and his wife, Justine, have a near empty nest and long for the days of a full table. Determined to get the gang back together for weekly Sunday dinners, they will use simple, heartfelt recipes to lure the kids back to the table. Each episode will unveil a new recipe to be shared among friends and family. Sunday by Sunday, Rev and Justine will show that the perfect family meal isn’t just about the food, it is about who is sitting at the table to share it. Produced by Good Clean Fun and Simmons/Lehman Productions for Cooking Channel
Carnival Eats
Season Two Premiere: July 2015
Carnival Eats celebrates today’s modern gastronomic freak show and host Noah Cappe takes you on an international, food-frenzied roller coaster of culinary delights, to the new epicenter of carnival life - food! Food of every imaginable shape, size, color and taste are being created specifically for the connoisseurs who ply midways and fairgrounds, and Carnival Eats is there for every delicious bite. Produced by Alibi Media for Cooking Channel.
Man Fire Food
Season Four Premiere: July 2015
Roger Mooking explores cooking at its most basic, as he features the cooks who take the fundamental formula of fire and food to make delicious culinary creations. Along the way, he samples fire-cooked favorites from local joints on back roads and byways from coast to coast. Produced by Irene Wong for Cooking Channel
My Grandmother’s Ravioli
Season Four Premiere: August 2015
Mo Rocca learns treasured family recipes and a lot more, from grandparents across the country in My Grandmother’s Ravioli. While he was growing up, Mo’s grandmother prepared sumptuous Sunday dinners for the family, with “Momma’s” ravioli as the main event. Although he could never forget those meals, Mo never learned her recipes. Now he’s doing the next best thing: visiting other people’s grandmothers and grandfathers who lovingly, and patiently, teach Mo traditional specialties. In addition to making food that will take viewers back to their childhood, the grandparents share their inspiring personal stories and funny family anecdotes in each episode. Produced by Vidiots for Cooking Channel
Taco Trip
Season Two Premiere: August 2015
Chef Aarón Sánchez is on the hunt to find the best tacos in the nation! Throughout the series, he treks across the U.S exploring the Latin side of every city, encountering the chefs, families, and locals who have helped define each city's culinary landscape. Aarón dives headfirst into this journey and turns every trip into an unexpected exploration of the most delicious taco scene in town. Produced by High Noon Entertainment for Cooking Channel
Pizza Masters
Season Two Premiere: September 2015
First cousins, best friends, and pizza shop owners Sal Basille and Francis Garcia return to search for the best food in town… and not just pizza. Join in the fun as they set off on a culinary adventure to find the greatest spots in North America. From mom and pop joints to legendary establishments, these Pizza Masters know good pizza and good food when they find it, and are always up for having a good time along the way. Produced by Follow Productions for Cooking Channel
Simply Laura
Season Two Premiere: September 2015
Host Laura Vitale returns for a second season to bring viewers the dishes that made her a web sensation. Although Laura’s roots are in Italian food, she is first and foremost an all-American girl. With an emphasis on seasonal and simple, Laura’s blend of easy but enticing recipes and girl next-door charm will make for meals that America will adore. It’s Simply Laura! Produced for Cooking Channel
Sweet Julia
Season Two Premiere: October 2015
Pâtissier, chocolatier and cake maestro Julia Baker shares her secrets, passion and know-how in the second season of this series devoted to cooking with sweet ingredients. From baking and confectionery to salads and savories, from fast and easy to daring and dazzling, and from the basics to the totally stunning, it is a delicious journey through all things sweet. Join Julia as she dishes up a crash course in amazing culinary delights and slices of her sweet life. Produced by Pacific for Cooking Channel
Unique Sweets
Season Six Premiere: October 2015
Unique Sweets is an insider's peek into innovative eateries across America that are creating the most unique and exciting desserts today. These sweet spots cover the gamut: restaurants with revolutionary pastry chefs; candy shops inventing eye-popping confections; chocolate boutiques with wild artisanal flavors; and bakeries producing one-of-a-kind pastries, cakes and cookies in the middle of the night. Wherever there are gooey, crunchy, sticky and sweet treats that you won't find anywhere else, Unique Sweets will take you there. Produced by Irene Wong for Cooking Channel
Unwrapped 2.0
Season Two Premiere: October 2015
Unwrapped 2.0 is a fun and fascinating look at the amazing processes, great stories and interesting people behind the creation of America's favorite treats. Hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, Unwrapped 2.0 features everything from classic childhood treats to the latest candy crazes and offers behind-the-scenes access as Alfonso explores the secrets behind such legendary foods. Produced by Lusid Media for Cooking Channel
Top 20 Hot and Spicy Countdown with Aarón Sánchez
Premiere: April 2015
In this spicy special, Chef Aarón Sánchez showcases some of the best tongue-tingling dishes he has encountered in his travels across the U.S exploring the Latin side of every city. Aarón counts down the very best spicy dishes he has discovered in his journeys, for the ultimate guidebook to all things caliente. Produced by High Noon Entertainment for Cooking Channel
Big Bad BBQ Battle
Premiere: May 2015
Barbecue maverick Shannon Ambrosio traveled the South to learn everything he could about traditional southern BBQ and brought all that knowledge back to his hometown of Brooklyn to put his own unique spin on the classics. He has conquered the BBQ scene in New York, but now it is time to challenge Shannon to see if he can measure up to the masters in the South. The South may think they know everything when it comes to BBQ, but they better watch out for their smokers because Brooklyn’s coming to town. Shannon and his boys are hitting the road to battle the best pit masters in the south. It will be a sticky, sweet and saucy showdown for the ages in this barbecue brawl of North vs. South! Produced by Backroads Entertainment for Cooking Channel
Premiere: June 2015
GRUBsessed! follows five outrageous food lovers as they share their genuine passion for their absolute favorite edible. From a honey super fan to a pancake fanatic, find out what makes their love for their favorite food become a total GRUBsession. Produced by High Noon Entertainment for Cooking Channel
The Great Chicken Wing Hunt
Premiere: July 2015
American expatriate, international journalist and upstate New Yorker Matt Reynolds forsakes a successful life in Eastern Europe, compelled by a singular obsession: find the world's best Buffalo chicken wing. Joined by his long-suffering Czech girlfriend, a perplexed Slovak film crew, and a ragtag gang of wing-obsessed misfits recruited online, Reynolds embarks on The Great Chicken Wing Hunt. After 2,627 miles and 284 varieties of wings, the quest ends in the very countryside of Reynolds' childhood, where he discovers that the perfection he has sought so hard to find was right under his nose all along. Distributed by Cinetic Rights
Summertime Cravings with Haylie Duff
Premiere: July 2015
In this ice cream-filled, summertime special, Haylie Duff pulls out all the stops to kick off her favorite season with her annual beach party. This year’s going to be a little different, because being eight months pregnant means she’s going to need a lot more help from friends and family, with both her ice cream cravings and her ability to put on this epic beach event. So over the course of a long weekend, Haylie’s going to be in a creamery, in the kitchen, and on the beach, cooking up a full menu of summertime staples. Produced by Citizen Pictures for Cooking Channel
Patti LaBelle Special (wt)
Premiere: September 2015
Legendary singer Patti LaBelle shows she not only knows how to entertain and wow audiences with her voice, but is also equally adept at entertaining at home, in this new Cooking Channel special. Join Patti as she entertains her celebrity friends with her delicious recipes and undeniable charm. She’ll leave her friends (and the audience) singing for more! Produced by Powerhouse for Cooking Channel
Rosanna Pansino Baking Specials (wt)
Premiere: October/December 2015
Youtube baking sensation Rosanna Pansino joins the Cooking Channel family for two specials focused on Halloween and the holidays. For Halloween she shares her favorite ghoulish treats and her best food-inspired costume ideas as she gets ready to celebrate the spookiest of holidays. Then Rosanna goes all out for the holidays as she preps amazing meals and her signature sweet treats for a holiday extravaganza of delicious proportions. Produced by Magical Elves for Cooking Channel
A selection of both evergreen and convergent digital packages that can be relied upon to enhance and deliver audience engagement.
Chopped: After Hours
Year-round 2015
Join the Chopped judges in a web-only series in which the judges move from the table to the kitchen and take their turns at tackling the tricky ingredients of a Chopped basket. After select episodes of Chopped, the judges face off on to put their culinary skills and creativity to the test to create delectable dishes in 30 minutes or less.
Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton’s After-Show
Year-round 2015
Catch episodes of Alton’s After-Show, an exclusive online, post-show conversation with host Alton Brown and the guest judges chatting about the strategies and tricks employed by the chefs in each episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.
Cutthroat Kitchen: Testing the Sabotages
Year-round 2015
Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Food Network culinary team creates and tests the sabotages used on Cutthroat Kitchen, complete with the official breakdown of how each sabotage can be successfully conquered. Visit for the inside scoop.
The Kitchen
Year-round 2015
Find all the deliciously easy recipes featured on the show by co-hosts Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian, enjoy behind-the-scenes photos, take an insider set tour, watch fun video clips from the show and more on
One Last Bite
Spring 2015
There can be only one: your very last bite — ever. Have you ever thought about what you would want it to be? In the all-new web series One Last Bite, asked chefs, bloggers and actors from around the country that very question, and their answers are simply mouthwatering.
Smart Carts: Winning the Supermarket with Melissa d'Arabian
Spring 2015
Home cook, mom of four and Food Network Star Melissa d’Arabian has won over her family with quick, easy and tasty meals. Now, she shares the smartest ways to save money, time and energy at the supermarket every week, from when to splurge on or skip organic produce to how to stock the freezer with bargains, to knowing what days are prime time for the freshest foods. In this ongoing series, Melissa takes hungry fans and curious cooks aisle-by-aisle, giving quick tips on finding value, stretching quality and getting the most out of every ingredient.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
April 2015
Wonder where your favorite Food Network stars and chefs in-the-know go to eat? Find out in this web-exclusive series that features Food Network stars and chefs visiting and sharing their top picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner in one city. It is a full day of fine eating with
Ease into Spring
April 2015
Find everything you need for spring cooking and entertaining in our spring hub. Here, you can easily access all of our spring packages (Spring Produce Guide, 5 Weeknight Dinners: Spring and Spring Entertaining Guide), plus Mother’s Day, Easter and Everyday Celebrations.
Foodie Call
April 2015
Host Justin Warner is on the hunt to find the latest food trends and meet the exciting trail-blazers inspiring and fostering the latest and greatest food movements.
How to Dine Out
April 2015
This web series explores the different styles of dining, from fine dining to Ethiopian and everything in between. This handy series shares all the needed skills for dining like a pro in any dining situation.
Cinco de Mayo
April/May 2015 gives you all the recipes and ideas you need to make your fifth of May fiesta the most fun yet. Bobby Flay, Aarón Sánchez, Marcela Valladolid and other Food Network stars share their South-of-the-Border favorites, from tacos to margaritas and more.
Local Flavor
May 2015 is taking eating local to a whole new level! In this new web series, find out how three different restaurants in a city create very different dishes based on a popular local ingredient.
Memorial Day
May 2015
Kick off your summer with as your guide for this fun, festive three-day weekend. Get recipes for appetizers, picnic salads, summer cocktails main dishes, patriotic desserts and more. Plus, get recipes and party-planning tips from Food Network stars like Sunny Anderson, Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri and for the ultimate outdoor fest.
Grilling Central
May–September 2015
Make your summer sizzle with the hottest roundup of grilling recipes around. Plan the ultimate summer party with recipes from Bobby Flay, Trisha Yearwood, Ree Drummond and more. We’ll be celebrating all summer with lots of great entertaining and party planning ideas. Don’t miss all the fun!
How to Win Summer
June 2015
Summer’s essential web series returns with ten new episodes featuring 2015's top grilling and entertaining trends plus recipes and techniques for the ultimate summer essentials guide.
Star Salvation
June/July 2015
The battle to be a Food Network Star isn’t over yet: One previously eliminated finalist will win the chance to re-enter the competition after a six-week journey on Star Salvation, an exclusive web series on Each week, Star Salvation competitors will face off in a series of challenges focused on culinary skills and on-camera presence for a second chance at stardom. Watch all the action on
June–November 2015
Whether you're rooting for the home team or just rooting for a good time, Food Network’s tailgating package will have people cheering straight through to the fourth quarter. Try mouth-watering meatballs from Jeff Mauro, lip-smacking wings from Guy Fieri, championship-worthy chili and 50+ dip recipes. Food Network’s all-star team of chefs shows you how to root for your favorite team in style with menus, videos and so much more.
Back to School
August 2015
Everyone knows a home cook’s toughest critics are the kids. is going back to basics with Back-to-School fare that’s simple, wholesome and 100% kid approved! Food Network’s top talent share hearty meals to make the morning fuel-up fun. For the lunch bunch, we’ve got simple sandwiches and safe lunch-packing tips. We’re even serving up after school snacks that pack a nutritional punch.
October 2015
Welcome to your one-stop destination for planning the ultimate Halloween party. Scare up some fun with all-new recipes for ghoulishly great treats and spooky party foods from your favorite Food Network stars. Get tips to hosting a bloody good party; topical videos from your favorite Food Network chefs; and recipes for Halloween treats that both kids and adults will love!
Duff's Sweet Spot
November 2015
In the second season of this web-exclusive video series, Holiday Baking Championship judge Duff Goldman bakes fantasy creations based on each episode’s theme, and shares his baking tips and secrets for bakers at home.
November 2015 is the number one food site for all things Thanksgiving. Come celebrate with us as we give you hundreds of kitchen-tested, 5-star recipes to help you create a delicious, memorable meal for family and friends, whether you’re on a budget, crunched for time or want to host a classic dinner. We’ll also give you the best entertaining tips and strategies to host a perfect party. Get expert advice and recipes from all our experts including Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten, Trisha Yearwood, Ree Drummond and more!
12 Days of Cookies
December 2015
Celebrate the season with a 12-day holiday cookie countdown! We asked 12 Food Network chefs for their best holiday cookies, and they baked up family favorites you're sure to love. Sign up for our exclusive newsletter and get amazing cookies delivered every morning, as well as hundreds of other kitchen-tested holiday cookies to make the season delicious.
Holiday Central
December 2015
Spread joy this holiday season to friends and family with delicious, easy recipes from Food Network’s Holiday Central. From baked goods and cocktail parties to elegant dinners on a budget, we’ll show you classic and modern recipes that put a new twist on Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Our guide brings together all these end-of-the-year holidays, with recipes and ideas from your favorite Food Network chefs.
Kitchen Fails (wt)
TBD 2015
From the website that brings you the ultimate in culinary ‘how-to’ videos, comes the ultimate ‘how-not-to’ web series. Kitchen Fails (wt) features a dazzling array of funny home videos of cooking gone wrong and the hilarious results that therein ensue!
Cinco de Mayo
April/May 2015
Throw a kickin’ Cinco de Mayo party with the best Mexican recipes anywhere, including perfectly-mixed margaritas, guacamole, salsa, easy tacos, plus enchilada and fajita recipes. Trying to stay slim for summer? We’ve got recipes to keep your fiesta full of flavor but with half the calories.
Mother’s Day
May 2015
Whether Mom prefers breakfast in bed or a fresh spring meal, Cooking Channel has all the recipes needed to celebrate Mother’s Day. Browse best breakfast and brunch recipes or plan an impressive spring dinner in honor of Mom. Plus, get the best Mother’s Day dessert recipes, including an impressive no-bake strawberry cheesecake, perfectly piped cupcakes, and a Mother’s Day cake.
101 Ways to Love Summer
May–September 2015 heats things up with 101 reasons to love summer. We are mixing up the ideal formula for relaxed, easy entertaining with recipes for your summer party menu, complete with themes, decorating ideas and more. Fire up the grill for classics like burgers, dogs, grilled chicken and ribs, along with new ideas like grilled pizza, as well as grill-ready desserts. also pays tribute to the country’s top regional summer foods with the best summer dishes from each of the fifty states.
Halloween Entertaining
October 2015 scares up Halloween tips, tricks and treats for the ultimate spooky soiree! With fun and frightful foods, extreme treats, themed desserts, devilish drink recipes and guides to hosting the ultimate creepy cocktail party, Halloween entertaining has never been easier!
October 2015
Celebrate Oktoberfest with’s easy recipes for authentic German food like schnitzel, brisket and dumplings. Hosting an Oktoberfest party is as easy as a snap of your suspenders with these recipes in the back pocket of your lederhosen!
November 2015 turns up the volume on the usual holiday meal with the best Thanksgiving ever! Family classics get a makeover by revamping the flavors and techniques of traditional Thanksgiving foods. Whether you want to cheat your way through store-bought foods, serve the best Thanksgiving game-day fare or shake up the familiar sides with potluck-friendly, ultra-creative Thanksgiving classics in savory pie form, serves Thanksgiving dinner like you have never had before. In addition to new favorites are tried-and-true classics from stars like Kelsey Nixon and Chuck Hughes for every Thanksgiving course — from starters to stuffing, to the bird to the sweet finish.
December 2015
The holiday season comes but once a year, so step up your prep with Cooking Channel’s holiday bonanza. Whether hosting a party or attending one, provides the best ideas for recipes to both serve and bring all month long, along with unexpected themed parties (and the best dishes to prepare for them). Plan the year’s best party with recipes for stellar seasonal cocktails for a crowd and recipes for best-ever party foods. Skip the fallback presents in favor of holiday gifts from your favorite Cooking Channel stars.
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