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HGTV's Kathleen Finch: Viewers crave info on smart home technology

Kathleen Finch,  senior VP and general manager of HGTV, speaking at CES 2013, says HGTV viewers are excited about smart home technology.

"Every time we do a show that says smart home, our ratings go up," Finch told a packed house at the Scripps Networks Interactive CES exhibition space.  "People want it. We have an entire series about the smart home called 'I Want That.' Our viewers can't get enough of it."
Finch offered a final bit of wisdom for smart-home marketers, based on her insight into Scripps' audience. "It's important that the technology can be updated and upgraded and can adapt later," she said. "People aren't going to replace their entire entertainment system every two years. There's a little bit of a hurdle there, with things that are going to be outdated in a year. Our viewers really care about that capability."




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