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DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY Network’s programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. ​​​

What's on Now


10:00 PM

A Spacious Retreat with Artistic Details

Mega Decks

10:30 PM

A Shady Space with a View

Mega Decks

11:00 PM

A Mountain Retreat with a Rocky View

Mega Decks

11:30 PM

A Concrete Jungle with a Lot of Warmth

Mega Decks

07:00 AM

Courtyard Kitchen


07:30 AM

Victorian Greek Chic


08:00 AM

Peacock Party Spot


08:30 AM

Lighten Up!

Miami Flip

09:00 AM

Front Yard Fix

Miami Flip

09:30 AM

Pinching Pennies

Miami Flip

10:00 AM

Mission Accomplished

Miami Flip

10:30 AM

Cashing in for the Win

Miami Flip

11:00 AM

Welcome to the Jungle

Miami Flip

11:30 AM

A Draining Dilemma

Miami Flip

12:00 PM

The Wall of Worry

Miami Flip

12:30 PM

It's Raining Ants!

Miami Flip

01:00 PM

Plumbing Problemas

Miami Flip

01:30 PM

Up to Code

Miami Flip

02:00 PM

Scrap Wood Basement

Rehab Addict

02:30 PM

Kitschy Kitchen

Rehab Addict

03:00 PM

Pool Room Refresher

Rehab Addict

03:30 PM

All About Family

Rehab Addict

04:00 PM

Mid-Century Bathroom Remade

Rehab Addict

04:30 PM

Apartment Refresh

Rehab Addict

05:00 PM

The Hearts of the Home

Rehab Addict

05:30 PM

Mid-Century Bedroom Revival

Rehab Addict

06:00 PM

Reclaiming The Rec Room

Rehab Addict

06:30 PM

The Basement Reborn

Rehab Addict

07:00 PM

One Extraordinary Exterior

Rehab Addict

07:30 PM

Roof Renovation Donation

Rehab Addict

08:00 PM

Red Barn Reborn

Rehab Addict

08:30 PM

A Surprise for Tessa Part 1

Rehab Addict

09:00 PM

A Surprise for Tessa Part 2

Rehab Addict

09:30 PM

Folk Victorian near Nashville

Nashville Flipped


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