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DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY Network’s programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. ​​​

What's on Now


07:00 AM

Space Invaders

Rev Run's Renovation

07:30 AM

Don Cracks The Whip To Get Projects Done For A Loc...

West End Salvage

08:00 AM

A Couple Expecting Their First Child Remodels Thei...

Professional Grade

08:30 AM


Income Property

09:00 AM

Unfinished-Finished Basement

Rehab Addict

09:30 AM

A Grand Exterior

Rehab Addict

10:00 AM

Powder Room With a Flair

Rehab Addict

10:30 AM

Grand Dining Room

Rehab Addict

11:00 AM

Rebuild Below

Rehab Addict

11:30 AM

A Grand Living Room

Rehab Addict

12:00 PM

Kitchen Overhaul

Rehab Addict

12:30 PM

Leaky Bedroom Disaster

Rehab Addict

01:00 PM

Solarium Refresh

Rehab Addict

01:30 PM

Jack and Jill Suite

Rehab Addict

02:00 PM

Master Bath Overhaul

Rehab Addict

02:30 PM

Rehab Attic

Rehab Addict

03:00 PM

Grand Garage

Rehab Addict

03:30 PM

Family Affair

Rehab Addict

04:00 PM

1700s Master Bedroom & Library

Stone House Revival

04:30 PM

1684 Basement Gut Job

Stone House Revival

05:00 PM

1785 Three-Room Makeover

Stone House Revival

05:30 PM

1760 Guest House Restoration

Stone House Revival

06:00 PM

1760 Classic Colonial Parlor

Stone House Revival

06:30 PM

1729 Kitchen and Living Room Addition

Stone House Revival

07:00 PM

Another Storey - Part 1: A Second-Floor Addition T...

Holmes Makes It Right

08:00 PM

Another Storey - Part 2: Mike And His Team Are Cal...

Holmes Makes It Right

09:00 PM

Lawn and Order: A Couple Tries to Retain Their Com...

Holmes Makes It Right

10:00 PM

Flood Suckers: A Basement is Damaged When Flood Wa...

Holmes Makes It Right

11:00 PM

Walk the Planks: A Second-Storey Deck is an Accide...

Holmes Makes It Right


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