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DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY Network’s programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. ​​​

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01:00 PM

Repurposing Every Beam from a Pennsylvania Bank Ba...

Barnwood Builders

02:00 PM

Taking down a huge, New England Style Barn

Barnwood Builders

03:00 PM

Building a new log home for the Boy Scouts

Barnwood Builders

04:00 PM

Salvaging Pristine Hand-hewn Logs From a West Virg...

Barnwood Builders

05:00 PM

Saving Every Board from a Kincheloe Cattle Barn

Barnwood Builders

06:00 PM

Building a Log Chapel with a Stained Glass Window

Barnwood Builders

07:00 PM

Raising a Massive Timber Frame Barn in Downtown Le...

Barnwood Builders

08:00 PM

Turning a ramshackle cabin into a guest house in M...

Barnwood Builders

09:00 PM

Peeling layers off a covered log home in Virginia

Barnwood Builders

10:00 PM

Checks on the Beach

Income Property

10:30 PM

Scott Free Vacation

Income Property

11:00 PM

Shaky Ground

Income Property

11:30 PM

Big House Big Dreams

Income Property

07:00 AM

Rug Buddy

I Want That

07:30 AM

LG Smart ThinQ

I Want That

08:00 AM

Doggie Doorbell

I Want That

08:30 AM


I Want That

09:00 AM

Comic Art Portrait

I Want That

09:30 AM

Perfect Bake

I Want That

10:00 AM

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

I Want That: Consumer Electronics Show

11:00 AM

I Want That The Most Special

I Want That Most

11:30 AM

Bionic Bird

I Want That

12:00 PM

Fruit Wall

I Want That

12:30 PM

Electro Object

I Want That


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