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DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY Network’s programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. ​​​

What's on Now


12:00 PM

The Treehouse Guys Build a Redwood Retreat in Cali...

The Treehouse Guys

01:00 PM

Windsor, North Carolina

The Treehouse Guys

02:00 PM

Treetop Escape in Hauser Lake, ID

The Treehouse Guys

03:00 PM

Artistic Arboreal Abode in Big Sky

The Treehouse Guys

04:00 PM

Discovery Treehouse in Massachusetts

The Treehouse Guys

05:00 PM

Recycled Tennessee Treehouse

The Treehouse Guys

06:00 PM

This Pool Goes Up

Pool Kings

06:30 PM

A Rocky Road to Backyard Bliss

Pool Kings

07:00 PM

A Natural Fit for a Fun Family

Pool Kings

07:30 PM

I'm on Vacation Already

Pool Kings

08:00 PM

All The Way Around

Pool Kings

08:30 PM

From Eyesore to Ultimate Pool Party Paradise

Pool Kings

09:00 PM

Living La Vida Lakeside

Pool Kings

09:30 PM

Texas Staycation Paradise

Pool Kings

10:00 PM

Gotta Have My Grotto

Pool Kings

10:30 PM

Champagne Spa Wishes and Forever-Home Dreams

Pool Kings

11:00 PM

Perfect Time for a Pool and Backyard Oasis

Pool Kings

11:30 PM

My Last Pool Was An Iron Tub

Pool Kings

07:00 AM

A Suite of His Own

Rev Run's Renovation

07:30 AM

Hiding Under the Carpet

Family Under Construction

08:00 AM

What's More Mega Than a Tilt-a-Whirl? A Mega Den T...

Mega Dens

08:30 AM

Summer Kitchen Restoration

Stone House Revival

09:00 AM

1700s First Floor Restoration

Stone House Revival

09:30 AM

1803 Second Floor Overhaul

Stone House Revival

10:00 AM

1800s Original Kitchen Restoration

Stone House Revival

10:30 AM

1790 Three-Room Restoration

Stone House Revival

11:00 AM

1740 Little House Restoration

Stone House Revival

11:30 AM

1800s Kitchen and Dining Room

Stone House Revival


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