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DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY Network’s programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. ​​​

What's on Now


08:00 AM

Stone Ottomans

Stone Age

08:30 AM

Will Work for Beer: Tables For a Local Brewery

West End Salvage

09:00 AM

The Guys Turn A Vintage Travel Trunk Into A Shelvi...

West End Salvage

09:30 AM

The Crew Use Vintage Metal Chicken Coops As The Fo...

West End Salvage

10:00 AM

The Guys Break A Piece Of 300 Year-Old Glass While...

West End Salvage

10:30 AM

The Guys Use Items From A Foundry To Create A Cust...

West End Salvage

11:00 AM

Fighting the Elements to Build a Well House, and R...

Barnwood Builders

12:00 PM

Transforming a Shipping Container into a Portable ...

Barnwood Builders

01:00 PM

Salvaging a Homestead Corn Crib with a Hometown Ba...

Barnwood Builders

02:00 PM

Taking Down The Lincoln Cabin and Building A Dog T...

Barnwood Builders

03:00 PM

Rescuing a Massive Barn and Finishing the Lincoln ...

Barnwood Builders

04:00 PM

Repurposing Every Beam from a Pennsylvania Bank Ba...

Barnwood Builders

05:00 PM

Wading with Alligators to Build a Two-Story Huntin...

Barnwood Builders

06:00 PM

Turning a West Virginia Smokehouse into a Modern B...

Barnwood Builders

07:00 PM

Moving a Pre-Civil War Log Cabin from West Virgini...

Barnwood Builders

08:00 PM

Permanent Vacation

Lake Life

08:30 PM

Golf Party Boat

Lake Life

09:00 PM

A Teenage Beach Area Complete With Zip Line and Ga...

Lake Life

09:30 PM

Lakeside Hideaway

Lake Life

10:00 PM

Sunset Party Dock House

Lake Life

10:30 PM

The Treehouse

Lake Life

11:00 PM

Three Lake Side Teepees With a View

Lake Life

11:30 PM

The Ultimate Fort

Lake Life

07:00 AM

Outdated Basement Overhaul

Made in Milwaukee

07:30 AM

Dojo Cave

Man Caves


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