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HGTV is America's leader in home and lifestyle programming. HGTV is distributed to more than 99 million U.S. households and is one of cable's top-rated networks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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04:00 PM

First Time Buyers Take a Chance on a Vintage Fixer...

Fixer Upper

05:00 PM

A Young Family Hopes for Fixer in Older Neighborho...

Fixer Upper

06:00 PM

Baby's Due Date Causes Rush to Renovate an Outdate...

Fixer Upper

07:00 PM

Couple With Baby on the Way Looks for a Funky Fixe...

Fixer Upper

08:00 PM

Coffeehouse Owners Seek Home With Short Commute

Fixer Upper

09:00 PM

Three Generations, One Fixer

Fixer Upper

10:00 PM

Roller Derby Lovers Seek House in Denver

House Hunters

10:30 PM

Nesting in Napier

House Hunters International

11:00 PM

Jersey Shore Style Smackdown

House Hunters

11:30 PM

Man vs. Math vs. Wife, For The Caribbean Dream Hom...

House Hunters International

06:30 AM

The living room and home office offer unique desig...

Genevieve's Renovation

07:00 AM

Genevieve takes a trip to a blacksmith's, and gets...

Genevieve's Renovation

07:30 AM

A Couple Explores Lavish California Homes for a Ch...

Buy Like a Mega Millionaire

08:00 AM

Bridge, Wedge, Cloud

Extreme Homes

09:00 AM

Greenhouse, Nest, Secret Agent

Extreme Homes

10:00 AM

Abstract, Flying, Waterfall

Extreme Homes

11:00 AM

Chocolate, Fibreglass, Crystal

Extreme Homes

12:00 PM

Key West vs. Spanish in Wilmington, North Carolina

House Hunters

12:30 PM

Roving Journalists Seek Beachfront Living in the B...

House Hunters International

01:00 PM

Sanibel Sanctuary

Vacation House for Free

02:00 PM

Southern Charm

Vacation House for Free

03:00 PM

Modern Dream House on the Lake in Michigan

House Hunters


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