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HGTV is America's leader in home and lifestyle programming. HGTV is distributed to more than 99 million U.S. households and is one of cable's top-rated networks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What's on Now


06:30 AM


Mom Caves

07:00 AM

It's Tough to get to the Heart of a Seller

Selling LA

07:30 AM

Celebrity Homes Customized for Comfort

Celebrities at Home

08:00 AM

Living Room Converted to Master Bedroom

House Hunters Renovation

09:00 AM

Spanish Bathroom and Walk In Closet

House Hunters Renovation

10:00 AM

Modern Masculine Kitchen vs Cooking With a Hotplat...

House Hunters Renovation

11:00 AM

Quirky and Modern Bedroom Blend

House Hunters Renovation

12:00 PM

College Sweethearts Search for a Home in Lebanon, ...

House Hunters

12:30 PM

Choosing the 'burbs or Big Ben in London, England

House Hunters International

01:00 PM

Battlefield Bungalow in Gettysburg, PA

House Hunters

01:30 PM

A Young Couple Get A Rude Awakening When They Look...

House Hunters

02:00 PM

Fire Damage Fixes

Rehab Addict

02:30 PM

Cracked Pipe Kitchen

Rehab Addict

03:00 PM

Exterior Miracles

Rehab Addict

03:30 PM

Burned Out Bathroom

Rehab Addict

04:00 PM

Lower Level Living Room

Rehab Addict

04:30 PM

Boarded Up Beauty

Rehab Addict

05:00 PM

Kitchen Cabinets Remade

Rehab Addict

05:30 PM

A Bright, Open Living Room

Rehab Addict

06:00 PM

Master Suite Remade

Rehab Addict

06:30 PM

Back Yard on a Budget

Rehab Addict

07:00 PM

Revived Exterior

Rehab Addict

07:30 PM

Scrap Wood Basement

Rehab Addict

08:00 PM

Tile Terrors

Rehab Addict

08:30 PM

Kitchen Countdown

Rehab Addict

09:00 PM

Garage Door Greatness

Rehab Addict

09:30 PM

Unfinished-Finished Basement

Rehab Addict

10:00 PM

A Young New Yorker Brings Mom Along for House Hunt...

House Hunters

10:30 PM

Hasta Finca Bellavista, Baby

House Hunters Off the Grid

11:00 PM

Young Family Embraces Revitalization Efforts Makin...

Fixer Upper


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