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HGTV is America's leader in home and lifestyle programming. HGTV is distributed to more than 99 million U.S. households and is one of cable's top-rated networks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What's on Now


05:00 PM

High-End Home

Property Brothers

06:00 PM

Nancy and Rhonda

Property Brothers

07:00 PM

Joey and Mark

Property Brothers

08:00 PM

A specialist dedicated to helping sick children ge...

Cousins Undercover

09:00 PM

Aven & Phillip

Property Brothers

10:00 PM

Upsizing to a Dream Home in Tulsa

House Hunters

10:30 PM

Revisiting Latin Renovations in Belize, Panama and...

House Hunters International: Where Are They Now?

11:00 PM

Maria & Dave

Property Brothers

06:30 AM

Havana Style Cabana

The Antonio Treatment

07:00 AM

Trading Long Island, NY for Colorado

New House New Life

07:30 AM

Kitchen Calamity

Rehab Addict

08:00 AM

Bathroom Beautification

Rehab Addict

08:30 AM

Front Porch Frenzy

Rehab Addict

09:00 AM

Living Room Overhaul

Rehab Addict

09:30 AM

Tile Terrors

Rehab Addict

10:00 AM

Kitchen Countdown

Rehab Addict

10:30 AM

Garage Door Greatness

Rehab Addict

11:00 AM

Unfinished-Finished Basement

Rehab Addict

11:30 AM

New Project, New Headache

Rehab Addict

12:00 PM

Single Gal Buys a Cape Cod Home to Play Host to He...

House Hunters

12:30 PM

Happy are the Danes in Charlottenlund, Denmark

House Hunters International

01:00 PM

Indecision & Doubt for Two Homeowners that Can't A...

Income Property

01:30 PM

Taking Control of Finances by Finishing a Long Neg...

Income Property

02:00 PM

Vacant Space Renovated into Rental

Income Property

02:30 PM

No More Bathroom Blues for a Spacious but Dated Ba...

Income Property

03:00 PM

Leaving Options Open for a Singer-Songwriter who h...

Income Property

03:30 PM

Lost Focus and a Stalled Renovation

Income Property

04:00 PM

All at Once

Income Property


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