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​​Travel Channel is the only television network devoted exclusively to travel entertainment. The network offers a vast array of consumer touch points that directly engage veteran travelers ready to plot their next trip, novice travelers not quite sure where to go and armchair travelers who are just along for the ride.​​​​

What's on Now


07:00 AM

Invention of the Mile-High Club, the Attempted Ass...

Mysteries at the Museum

08:00 AM

Jackie O. Saves Grand Central, Bouncing Bombs and ...

Mysteries at the Museum

09:00 AM

Knocking Ghost, Superman Saves the Day and Sleepin...

Mysteries at the Museum

10:00 AM

Ball of Mystery, Dark Side of the Moon and Fakespe...

Mysteries at the Museum

11:00 AM

The Opposite of Paradise

Treasure Quest: Snake Island

12:00 PM

Attacked by Spirits

Paranormal Survivor

01:00 PM

Provoked Spirits

Paranormal Survivor

02:00 PM

Demonic Hauntings

Paranormal Survivor

03:00 PM

Buried Secrets

Paranormal Survivor

04:00 PM

When Ghosts Attack Children

Paranormal Survivor

05:00 PM

Old Habits Die Hard

Haunted Case Files

06:00 PM

Tormented by Evil

Haunted Case Files

07:00 PM

Do Not Disturb

Haunted Case Files

08:00 PM

Hell Hath No Fury

Haunted Case Files

09:00 PM

Chilling Encounters

Haunted Case Files

10:00 PM

The Duchess and History Repeating

Scariest Night Of My Life

11:00 PM

My Things Are Haunted

Paranormal Survivor


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  • 96 m US Households 1987 Network Launch
  • 130 Countries 1.7m e-Newsletter

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