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​​Travel Channel is the only television network devoted exclusively to travel entertainment. The network offers a vast array of consumer touch points that directly engage veteran travelers ready to plot their next trip, novice travelers not quite sure where to go and armchair travelers who are just along for the ride.​​​​

What's on Now


04:00 PM

Good King Wenceslas, Prison Painter, Butler's Secr...

Mysteries at the Castle

05:00 PM

The Brothers Grimm, Savior of Fort Jefferson, Miss...

Mysteries at the Castle

06:00 PM

Opera Riot, Golfer Behind Enemy Lines, The Great M...

Mysteries at the Museum

07:00 PM

Aaron Burr Conspiracy, How Gatsby Became Great, La...

Mysteries at the Museum

08:00 PM

MGM Fire, UFO Car, Prophecy Sword

Mysteries at the Museum

09:00 PM

Roosevelt's Moroccan Mission, The Last Bare Knuckl...

Mysteries at the Monument

10:00 PM

Harlem Hellfighters, Resurrected Jockey, Invention...

Mysteries at the Monument

11:00 PM

St. Urho, Mystery Castle, Bat Bombs

Mysteries at the Monument

09:00 AM

Leg 9: The Final 100, a Pony and Monks with a View

Big Crazy Family Adventure

10:00 AM

Bobby Mackey Music World - Wilder, KY

Ghost Adventures

11:00 AM

Birdcage Theater - Tombstone, AZ

Ghost Adventures

12:00 PM

Rolling Hills Sanitarium (Bethany, NY)

Ghost Adventures

01:00 PM

Excalibur Nightclub

Ghost Adventures

02:00 PM

The Galka Family

Ghost Adventures

03:00 PM

Brookdale Lodge

Ghost Adventures


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  • 96 m US Households 1987 Network Launch
  • 130 Countries 1.7m e-Newsletter

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